Coaching is the process of coming alongside a person to help them discover God’s agenda for their life and ministry… and then cooperating with the Holy Spirit to see that agenda become reality.

The Youth for Christ Coaching mandate is that all staff value quality ministry coaching and have it available in a language they understand on request.

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Coaching is…
  • The asking of powerful questions that help someone get from where they are to where they want to go.
  • A process of clarifying and honing our goals so that what we do has a greater effect.
  • An hour with someone, once a month or once a week or whenever, who believes in you, and supports you, and holds you accountable to your plans and dreams.
  • A way of releasing yourself into greater service for Christ.
  • A means of increasing the chance that your project/program/outreach event will actually go well and honour Christ.
  • A way to serve each other in our YFC community and a way to serve those outside of it in order to build bridges and empower others.
  • A catalyst for change when things have stalled or gone dry in a centre.
  • A way of helping those who have just entered the organisation or are pioneering a new program or event.
  • A set of skills that helps leaders to encourage problem-solving in their team members, setting them free to work more efficiently on tasks.
  • A respectful way of working with a staff that encourages them to believe the truth – God has given them a unique vision and giftedness to work for the kingdom.


A wonderful example of someone who has received coaching as a young leader is Melody Winters. Melody received coaching in the Young Leader Development and Empowerment Process. Here she shares some of her testimony.

Maybe you’re like me- a bit of a “to do” list person. As I look at the list of assignments and tasks given to those of us going through the Youth for Christ Young Leader Development and Empowerment process I’ve seen them as a challenge or mission to get stuck in and get the things on the list done.


In some ways, I’ve approached the process in this way to help me get motivated. This kind of motivation kicked into gear when a friend with Youth for Christ in Australia e-mailed me to ask if I would be her ‘coachee’ as she went through the Youth for Christ coaching training process. She is a good friend so I knew it would be a joy to journey with her through the process and of course, I was keen to accomplish the coaching requirement of the course!

In my journey with the Lord there have been several times that as I’ve pushed myself to accomplish tasks God, in His wisdom, has caused the timing to perfectly coincide with what He was leading me into next. This time was no different. God, in His perfect timing, ordered my steps to begin the coaching process just as I was forming a new ministry. Being coached during that process turned out to be an invaluable gift to my life personally and to my ministry development. Every time I spoke with my coach I knew there would be challenges I’d have to work to overcome and issues that I’d somehow need to work out a solution to but in the midst of it all it was the phenomenal blessing of having someone there to pray for me, celebrate my successes and facilitate my brainstorming.

Yes, being coached is on the “to do” list of the YFC Young Leader Development and Empowerment requirements but my prayer and hope for me and my fellow young leaders is that the personal growth, the challenges we will overcome, and the victories we will get to celebrate in the process will make it well worth the journey and more than just another thing we need to do.

Thanks to everyone who has given financially that young leaders like me may be blessed by this tool that Youth for Christ is making available to us!