Mentoring involves people who have ‘been there and done that’ BEFORE you. They can speak into your life from their experience and support you as you step out on your own. They may be able to tell you the pitfalls or the highlights or the shortcuts that they have experienced along the way and give you guidance if you want to tread that same path. It is particularly appropriate for succession, for helping someone to take over your role.

Coaching does not need someone to have been there before you. It needs someone to be there FOR you, someone who knows how to ask the powerful questions that will help you envision your future and achieve your goals. The future you shape with your coach will be the one that is unique to you and the Spirit. It is particularly appropriate for someone taking on a new role or project within our ever-changing world, helping us respond efficiently in the current situation while planning for the future.

Supervising is a way of monitoring how someone is going in a role and is a means of gauging when they will need input or direction. A supervisor may also be responsible for a larger project of which you are a part and needs to give you responsibilities to carry out. It is particularly appropriate for a manager to supervise subordinates.


Everyone can benefit from being coached – You may be good, you may be better than everyone else, but you won’t be as good as you could be without a coach. Andy Stanley

  • Coaching can be used within nations to assist staff, volunteers and church workers.
  • Coaching can be used as a ministry and be provided for students and potential board members or as a service to your community.
  • Coaching also helps coaches grow and do their own work more effectively as they ask the same questions of themselves that they ask their coachees.
  • Coaching can be a tool that helps Youth for Christ workers around the world manage their own time and responsibilities more efficiently.
  • Coaching helps us all to more effectively manage the important over the urgent and keeps us accountable to do those things we know we should do, but don’t, because of the pressures and distractions of time and the world. These factors can keep us away from what we are called to do.
  • Coaching is a vital tool for Youth for Christ to help us fulfil our vision.


Contact your National Training Director or National Director for information regarding coaching within your nation or contact the responsible person for your YFC Area


Youth for Christ and CoachNet Global have maintained a significant and valuable partnership to train and deliver coaches and coaching to Youth For Christ staff and volunteers around the world. CoachNet has provided their training materials and website along with an abundance of experience and expertise to assist YFC to fulfil their God-given mission.

CoachNet Global can be contacted through their International Director Colin Noyes at: P.O. Box 3080 Birkdale Queensland 4159 Australia Phone: 617.3488 0129 Or send Colin a Message – email


Under normal circumstances coaching training is expensive. However, for YFC, CoachNet has agreed to make it accessible to all staff through developing a 3 tiered system of costs based on the value of each nation’s currency. For your local details contact your national or Area Representative. CoachNet has provided YFC with drastically reduced costs for its materials and Internet services and trained YFC staff to carry out the training without charge. The participants, as in all YFC training around the world, cover their cost for materials, travel, food and accommodation. For most of YFC, coaching training is provided for less than 10% of the regular price yet the quality and professionalism remains the same.


Coaching is…

  • The asking of powerful questions that help someone get from where they are to where they want to go.
  • A process of clarifying and honing our goals so that what we do has a greater effect.
  • An hour with someone, once a month or once a week or whenever, who believes in you, and supports you, and holds you accountable to your plans and dreams.
  • A way of releasing yourself into greater service for Christ.
  • A means of increasing the chance that your project/program/outreach event will actually go well and honour Christ.
  • A way to serve each other in our YFC community and a way to serve those outside of it in order to build bridges and empower others.
  • A catalyst for change when things have stalled or gone dry in a centre.
  • A way of helping those who have just entered the organisation or are pioneering a new program or event.
  • A set of skills that helps leaders to encourage problem-solving in their team members, setting them free to work more efficiently on tasks.
  • A respectful way of working with a staff that encourages them to believe the truth – God has given them a unique vision and giftedness to work for the kingdom.


Currently, the CoachNet material that YFC uses for its training and coaching has been translated from English into Spanish, French, Russian, Bengali, and Mandarin. Portuguese has yet to be done.


Where is the next training? Again contact your National Training Director or National Director for information regarding coaching within your nation or contact the responsible person for your YFC Area